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New Town Hall

the place of Prague's first defenestration
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The New Town Hall building is one of the most exceptional buildings in New Town. Charles IV invested the newly-formed square with great significance and therefore the town hall was incredibly well-endowed. Construction began in 1377 in the Gothic style and continued until 1456 with the completion of the tower. The town hall is comprised of several buildings, one of which has preserved a rare, two-naved Renaissance hall. The above-mentioned town hall tower dominates the complex

at a height of 70 meters and boasts six floors. The town hall was later rebuilt in the Renaissance style. Benedikt Ried worked on the east wing and later, after a fire, Bonifác Wolmuth reconstructed the west and north wings. In 1419, the first Prague defenestration took place when several citizens, excited by the preaching of the radical priest Jan Želivský, threw many councilors out of the windows to their death. This horrid act foreshadowed the later Hussite Wars.

GPS: 50° 4′ 42.04″ N, 14° 25′ 16.13″ E

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Ulice Karlovo náměstí 1 Město Praha 2


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