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State Opera House Prague

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A prestigious opera theater
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The Neo-Renaissance theatre was erected between 1886 and 1888 following the architectural plan of a construction company called Fellner & Helmer, which specialized on this type of buildings inside the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The theatre was the main venue for the Prague German community and it was called the New German Theatre. The rich facade was decorated with the busts of significant figures of the German culture: Goethe, Mozart and Schiller.

The premiere featured "Master Signers of Nürnberg" by Richard Wagner. The theatre was primarily used for operas by stars like Enrico Caruso and many others. In 1910, the world premiere of the opera Electra by Richard Strauss was held here.
At the end of the thirties, the theatre attracted and was a refuge to many German artists who immigrated to Czechoslovakia from Hitler's Germany.
Today the State Opera House Prague is a leading scene in Prague.

GPS: 50° 4′ 50.73″ N, 14° 25′ 58.06″ E

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