Prague Minos Guide

Web encyclopedia of GPS Digital Guide available in mobile devices around Prague for hire or for download during your visit.

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  • POI: 858
  • Reálie: 400
  • Trasy: 8
  • Související vazby: 4194
  • Fotografie: 2528
  • Počet stran textu: 348
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Prague Digital Guide

5kg of printed guides in your pocket
  • Maps + GPS navigation
  • Searches
  • 350 pages of text
  • 700 articles
  • 183 historical persons
  • 15 tour routes
  • 1500 photographs
  • Speech synthesis

It is a digital guide for the city of Prague that utilizes GPS navigation, in combination with maps, and an extensive historical encyclopedia. We put emphasis on the high level of quality of our contents. Although modern technology is one of the primary tools we work with, we do have much more to offer our customers.

What does the Digital Guide have to offer?

  • Interactive map of Prague, including hidden passages in Old Town
  • Information specifically tailored to the individual’s interests, 400 pages of text on everything from Prague’s landmarks and history to Czech cuisine and geography
  • Discover 700 cultural and historical facts, as well as other areas of interest, systematically sorted and cross-referenced
  • Locations and texts are accompanied by 1500 custom photographs
  • Learn about work and lives of 183 famous artists, rulers, architects and other historical figures who has helped to form our culture
  • Enter the magical world of local legends and myths
  • Discover more than 15 Prague’s secrets with thematic tour routes, designed for pedestrians and cyclists
  • A categorized list of the city’s best restaurants, beer halls and bars, including practical, everyday information
  • Street and transit stop searches are a given
  • Easy to use and intuitive GPS navigation makes everything quicker and easier
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