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14. století

New Town

A part of Prague from the 14th century
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During Emperor Charles the Fourth´s reign, the New Town was an independant town and a large Prague quarter.
The New Town was founded on March 8th 1348, following Charles the Fourth´s order. The main goal of the emperor was to expand the city for future development in order to turn Prague into a major town. He met with resistance from the representatives of the Old Town, which would find themselves cut-off from important trade routes because of the foundation

of the New Town. In order to overcome the resistance, he allowed the representatives to control two of the most important gates in the city.
The heart of the city developed very quickly, only in four years, the demand for workers was huge. The town layout has an elegant simplicity.
In 1784, the New Town became part of the Royal City of Prague. The New Town boasts one of the largest square in Europe, the Charles Square, which is more than 8 hectares.


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