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14. - 15. století

Jan Zelivsky

Hussite priest and extremist
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Zelivsky was a Hussite radical priest who was quite renowned in Prague and belonged to the leading representatives of Chiliasm (anticipation and awaiting of the millennial rule of God on earth, which will end history and will bring the rule of the just).
He started his career as a preacher in the Prague New Town and was soon very respected, in particular by the common people. On the 30th of June 1419 he was standing at the head of the procession that led to the First Defenestration of Prague in the New Town Hall. He was elected counselor

and exploited his substantial power in Prague in a rather unscrupulous manner, eliminating his opponents and rivals even among his fellow Hussites. In 1420 he was the practically unrivalled master of Prague and even participated to numerous expeditions with the Taborites. But by that time, his despotism and power were so considerable that an opposition started growing even among his people. He was eventually arrested upon accusation of Jan Jakoubek from Stribro and later executed. Many of his supporters suffered the same fate.


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