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Velvet Revolution Monument

November 17, 1989
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The Velvet Revolution is the name for a period of changes in Czechoslovakia between November 17th 1989 and December 29th 1989, changes that led to the fall of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia and to the transformation of the system into one that applied democratic principles. The collapse of the Eastern Block contributed to the acceleration of changes, and was also the result of the growing dissatisfaction of the citizens with the economic and political situation in

the country.
In the arcade of Franz Kafka's house on Národní Street, there is a memorial plate reminding us of the students demonstration of November 17, 1989. The memorial plate features protruding hands with fingers making the symbolic victory sign. At this place, the Communist Police of Czechoslovakia brutally subdued a peaceful demonstration of students who were asking for a democratic society. Each year, for the anniversary, people light candles above the monument.

GPS: 50° 4′ 55.47″ N, 14° 25′ 7.64″ E

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Ulice Národní třída Město Praha 1


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