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Main Train Station – Wilson's Train Station

Main railroad junction
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The name "Main Train Station" suggests the key location of this railroad junction within the railway system of Bohemia. The operation of the Southern Railroad started here in 1871 and it connected Prague to Vienna. The following year, the connection to the Northern Railroad was built, and subsequently the connecting tracks leading to Smíchov were added linking the Main Train Station to the Northwestern Railroad.
The original Neo-Renaissance building of the train station named after Emperor Franz Joseph the First was replaced in 1909 with an Art Nouveau building by architect

Josef Fanta. The representative style of the structure, expressing the significance of the railroad as a modern means of communication is enhanced by a complex design boasting many sculptures, this is also in the spirit of the modern Art Nouveau style. The train station was renamed in 1919 in honor of American President Woodrow Wilson, who played an important role in obtaining the independence of Czechoslovakia.
In the seventies of the 20th century, the train station was modernized with extended passenger areas plus a connection to the subway network of Prague.

GPS: 50° 5′ 1.0″ N, 14° 26′ 2.37″ E


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