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18. století

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

World-renowned Austrian composer
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He was probably the greatest music genius of all times, a fantastic Classicist composer. He was incredibly productive and composed over 600 compositions of all types. He also enjoyed staying in Prague.
Mozart was renowned for his tireless work, right after he finished a piece he would start writing down notes for his next composition. He loved playing pool, he danced very well and as a young man he was a great womanizer. He was also well-known for his sharp sense of humor with heavy sexual connotations and he would even compose scatological music, as was for example the canon “Kiss my ass”. He was also an expert card player and mastered over 10 card games.
Wolfgang’s talent appeared at a very young age. In his childhood, he and his sister Anna Maria, nicknamed Nannerl, would go on long music tours around Europe. He started composing at an early age and this skill was strengthened during his study trip through Italy with his father. Mozart fled from Salzburg following some conflicts

with the archbishop and landed in Vienna, where he launched his innovative approach. He endeavored to promote strictly German operas sang in colloquial German over the hegemony of Italian operas.
In 1782, Mozart married Constance, the daughter of his landlady, by which he split altogether from his family. In 1785 he was admitted to the Viennese Masonic Lodge and began his most productive period. Between 1786 and 1790 he composed the operas Don Giovanni and The Marriage of Figaro, which were both introduced with great pomp in Prague. In 1790 he composed the opera “Cosi fan tutte”, which the court’s bandmaster Antonio Salieri had turned down. The latter was allegedly Mozart’s great rival, although historic documents rather disprove this fact. In the fall of the same year, Mozart was affected by an infectious disease and died.
He is still today considered as one of the greatest geniuses of the Classicist period, which was even so an era that produced many musical virtuosos.


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