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Old Town Bridge Tower

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An Imperial gate of the stone bridge
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The tower stands right before entering the Charles Bridge on the Křižovnické Square. It is a Gothic tower built by architect Petr Parléř meant to defend the bridge and the town, it was also used as a triumphal arch. Here, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles the Fourth designated the route for the coronation processions of his successors, which went over the new Gothic bridge on the way to the castle. The author of the majority of the sculptures and stonemasonry decorations was most

likely renowned Petr Parléř. The decorations of the preserved eastern tower are sectionalized into four floors. Above the passage are three Gothic sculptures, depicting from the left the Holy Roman Emperor Charles the Fourth, Saint Vitus on a bridge, and the Emperor and King Wenceslas the Fourth. Above them is a coat of arms with St. Wenceslas eagle. At the second level, there are the statues of Saint Sigismund and Saint Adalbert. There is a lion under their feet looking down.

GPS: 50° 5′ 10.23″ N, 14° 24′ 48.77″ E

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