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Ancient Prague trading centre
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This place also known as Týnský Court was already a trade centre in Prague in the early days. The name originates from the Old German, where the word "ungelt" meant customs duty. However, it is under Charles the Fourth and Wenceslas the Fourth that the place thrived the most. Indeed, this is true for the whole of Prague. The Ungelt served as housing unit for foreign traders under the protection of the Prince, and the premises were used for weighing, declaring, and selling the merchandise

imported to Prague. The warehouses and horse stables were available for use. Everyday, thousands of trading carts brought and offered a variety of goods from all corners of the world. To top it all, coffee was drunk here for the first time. The entire area consisted of eighteen houses, which later underwent numerous reconstructions. The buildings today mostly have Baroque facades, except for the Granovský Palace which has Renaissance sgraffiti. It leads to the Tynska street.

GPS: 50° 5′ 16.76″ N, 14° 25′ 25.33″ E

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