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14. století

Peter Parler

The main architect of the St Vitus Cathedral
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In 1356 he replaced the deceased Matthias of Arras and became the architect of the St Vitus Cathedral, which had been initiated by Emperor Charles IV. He was the head of a construction plant which participated to the building of numerous Gothic buildings and sculptures from that time. He modified all the available techniques used for cathedral building with exceptional creative freedom and originality. His masterpieces are primarily the choir of the cathedral and the aisles

lined with chapels, including the vaults and the supporting system. Parler’s plant also participated to the building of the Stone Bridge, today’s Charles Bridge, including the remarkable sculptures adorning the Old Town bridge tower. Parler and his assistants are thought to be the authors of the incredibly expressive St Wenceslas statue in the eponymous chapel of the city’s cathedral, which is an example of how advanced plastic arts were at the time of Charles IV.


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