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Clam-Gallas Palace

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the Prague base of Jan Václav, the count of Gallas
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The Neapolitan governor-general, Jan Václav – the count of Gallas, entrusted the building of his representative base in Prague to the Viennese architect, Johann Bernard Fischer from Erlach. Erected from 1714-18 on the site of several houses belonging to the bourgeoisie, this palace dates from the peak of the Baroque in Prague. The monumental palatial complex is comprised of four floors and two wings around a four-sided courtyard with a façade, two portals

and a back wing. The sculpted façades are adorned with Heracles’ heroic acts and were crafted in Matyáš Bernard Braun’s workshop. The palace was once a popular societal meeting-place. Such guests as Mozart and his wife, Constance, Beethoven and other celebrities of the time appeared at the balls held here.
When the owners’ money ran out, they had to rent out various parts of the palace as offices. Thus, Franz Kafka was able to work here as well.

GPS: 50° 5′ 11.7″ N, 14° 25′ 4.88″ E


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