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Hrzánský Palace

Representative palace of the Czech Republic Government
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In place of the Hrzánský Palace, from the 14th century, a Gothic building stood there which used to be owned by Petr Parléř, builder of St. Vitus Cathedral. It was rebuilt several times, hence today´s appearance. An older Renaissance reconstruction was replaced by a Baroque one between 1775 and 1780 covering the Renaissance sgraffito. A representative stone portal is a remainder of the Renaissance

period. The palace is in the shape of a regular rectangle with a courtyard in the center. The basement areas has remains of the medieval fortification of Hradčany. At the end of the 18th century, the palace became the capitular building of the deanery of the St. Vitus Cathedral.
Today, it is used by the Government of the Czech Republic for representative purposes and by the Foreign Office.

GPS: 50° 5′ 18.9″ N, 14° 23′ 39.32″ E

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Ulice Loretánská 9 Město Praha 1


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