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17. - 18. století

Matyáš Bernard Braun

A well-known figure of the Bohemian Baroque sculpture art
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He was born in Austria and after completing his studies, he travelled a lot to Italy, where he stayed in Venice, Rome and Bologna. This is where he certainly became familiar with 17th century High Baroque art. In 1710, after having relocated in Prague, he founded here his own Baroque sculpture workshop. Thanks to his masterpiece group statue named Dream of the Blind Cisterciačka St. Luitgarda, which is situated on the Charles Bridge (1710), he entered

the Prague sculptors' guild as a recognized artist. This piece of work contributed to Matyáš Bernard Braun great popularity in Bohemia, and it brought him a great amount of orders. The best of his works in Prague are for instance St. Ivo, St. Ludmila, St. Wenceslas and Dream of St. Luitgarda on the Charles Bridge. Among his other masterpieces we can find for example work done for the Manor the Nativity Scene in Kuks, and at the Konopiště Manor.


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