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Valdštejn Garden

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A majestic Baroque garden
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One of the most beautiful gardens in Prague, it was built for commander Albrecht of Valdštejn as an integral part of his Lesser Town residence. The garden has geometrical lawns and greenery as well as rich sculptural decorations, it was completed simultaneously with the palace in 1630. Inside the hall opening onto the garden, we find a beautiful ceiling fresco depicting the Trojan War by Italian painter Baccio Bianco. This is an outstanding masterpiece of early Baroque architecture. In the garden, one can find something rather curious that makes the place even more special, an artificial stalactite cave and an imposing

birdhouse with exotic bird species. There is also an artificial fishpond with a little island on which there used to be boat trips. On the little island stands a fountain with statues of Hercules and a Naiad by Adrien de Vries, who also created for the garden a unique series of sculptures representing heroes of the antique legends. In 1648, the original sculptures were taken away as war trophy by the victorious Swedish troops and never seen again in Bohemia. They are now adorning a manor in Sweden. Faithful replicas of the Vries' statues were installed into the garden in the beginning of the 20th century.

GPS: 50° 5′ 23.6″ N, 14° 24′ 24.36″ E


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