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Strahov Library

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a unique Baroque library
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The library at the Premonstratensian Monastery is comprised of two rooms and contains more than 130,000 books, 2,000 manuscripts and the same number of first printed editions. The older Baroque room known as the Theological Hall was designed by Giovanni Dominico Orsi in 1671 to 1679. The room’s name represents the more than 18,000 books focused on theology, while the Baroque ceiling frescos painted by Siard Nosecky in the 18th century depict the relation of people to books. Unique globes showing the earth and the astronomical heavens are located at both ends of the room. At the end of the 18th century, the architect Ignác Palliardi rebuilt the former storehouse in the Classical style for the purposes of the new library, along with a large Philosphical Hall. By building a library to which the public had access, the Premonstrats stopped the monastery from being destroyed in the Josefína period. They also

adorned the façade with a vignette depicting the Emperor Josef II for diplomatic reasons, thus paying homage to the enlightened Emperor who valued the library. A large portion of the furnishings and the books came from a monastery which was destroyed in Louka near Znojmo. The ceiling frescos were painted by the Austrian painter Anton Maulbertsch in 1794 and depict the allegorical subject of the path of humans towards wisdom. In addition to its religious collections, the library also contains medical, pharmaceutical, mathematical, legal, philosophical, geographical and astronomical books. This beautiful library also comprises the famous Cabinet of Curiosities where besides books, there is also a series of collections covering natural history and animals. The Xyloteque, a dendrology library, is especially unique as the books’ covers are made from the wood of the trees about which the books are written.

GPS: 50° 5′ 10.86″ N, 14° 23′ 19.47″ E

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