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Church of St. Cyrillus & St. Methodius

The parachutists last refuge
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This Baroque church was built between 1730 and 1736 based on the architectural project of Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer. It is a longitudinal hall structure with a 3 fields nave, a choir loft and a presbytery. It was originally dedicated to St. Charles Boromejský. During the reign of Emperor Joseph the Second, in 1783, the church was shut down and then used as a warehouse. It was again consecrated in 1935 for the worship service purposes of the Czechoslovak Orthodox Church and ceremonially dedicated to St. Cyrillus and St. Methodius.
In 1942, under

Nazi occupation, the church became the last refuge for the Czechoslovak paratroopers who carried out the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the acting German Reich Protector of Bohemia & Moravia. Because of a treacherous act their hideout was exposed and the church surrounded by the Gestapo and the SS. After a brave fight and after having spent most of their ammunition, seven heroes decided to end their lives and commited suicide. The crypt where they met their death is today the National Monument of the Heroes of the Heydrich Assassination.

GPS: 50° 4′ 33.9″ N, 14° 25′ 1.43″ E

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