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Old Royal Palace

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Czech kings residence
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The Renaissance Ludvík's Wing was built between 1503 and 1520 for the Jagellon rulers and it is adjacent to the Vladislavský Hall. The Ludvík's Wing holds a number of rooms that form the Royal Palace. There are for example the two rooms of the Czech Office where, in the absence of the king, the defenestration of governors Bořita of Martinice and Slavata of Chlum took place. Both as well as a scrivener survived. This act instigated the Bohemian Estate Revolt and the Thirty Year War. A room with a Renaissance interior and a tile stove from the 17th century belonged

to the Imperial Council. There is a beautiful view of Prague and the gardens from the terrace. A staircase built by Otto Rothmayer is just next door and it connects the Old Royal Palace to the Terezián Wing which was added in the 18th century by Empress Maria Theresa and serves as a passageway between the mentioned Ludvík's Wing and the Institute of Noblewomen. There are rooms of the so-called "Nové Zemské Desky" (New Land Plates) that are next to the Vladislavský Hall. The painted signs on these plates decorate the ceilings and walls of the rooms.

GPS: 50° 5′ 25.68″ N, 14° 24′ 5.94″ E

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