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Ball Game Hall

a rare ball game hall dating from the Renaissance
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Built in the Renaissance style from 1567 to 1569, the ball game hall was designed by the court architect, Bonifáz Wohlmuth. In the 16th century, ball games were a favorite pastime for nobles. The rules for the game were as follows: twelve players stood in a circle and struck the ball with a wooden bat. Sometimes only in their stockinged feet, they would bounce the ball to their opponent who was then supposed to catch

it before it fell to the ground. The ball game hall’s façade boasts ten iconic columns, four personified natural elements, seven virtues and eight liberal arts, all of which are portrayed in the sgraffito. An especially interesting item is the personification of the “5 Year Plan” (the Communists’ five-year plan) depicting a hammer and sickle, affixed in the 1950s when the ball game hall was reconstructed.

GPS: 50° 5′ 33.1″ N, 14° 24′ 4.4″ E

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