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In the third castle courtyard, a giant granite monolith stands. It was designed by architect Josip Plečnik on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the independence of Czechoslovakia in 1928. The brave intention of the architect was impaired by serious problems during the realization. The architect wanted the obelisk made from a single block of granite. The Mrákotín Quarry near the town of Třešť na Moravě was chosen as ideal spot to obtain the stone block. The first attempt was unsuccessful because the granite monolith broke during transportation.

It is said that the army officer responsible for the transport of the obelisk was so devastated by his failure to transport it in one piece that he committed suicide. During the second attempt, the stone block arrived in one piece but a part of the block broke off again while being erected. Fortunately, the broken piece came from its upper edge, so it still could be ceremonially unveiled, albeit shorter. Despite all this, the height of the monolith is 15.5 meters, which is impressive. The weight of the entire block is 112 tons.

GPS: 50° 5′ 24.83″ N, 14° 24′ 0.65″ E

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