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17. století

Prague Defenestration of 1618

Second Prague Defenestration, harbinger of the Thirty Year War
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This event started a period of major religious conflicts throughout Europe which is now known as the "Thirty Year War".
In 1617, part of the Czech aristocracy strongly opposed the nomination of Ferdinand Štýrský as heir to the Czech Kingdom, however, their efforts were unsuccessful. After that episode, the Catholic Church gained more confidence and ordered the interruption of the construction of some Protestant churches. The Protestant aristocracy found exceedingly inappropriate for the Church to apply its rulings on royal ground. But the Church persisted and enforced its claims. The result was the

radical disagreement of the Protestants who assessed the situation as a breach of the tolerant Rudolf's Imperial Charter. They stormed into the Old Town City Hall where they found the governors Vilém Slavata and Bořita of Martinice guilty and sentenced them to death on the spot. Both governors were, together with their scrivener Fabricio, thrown out of the window of the City Hall, but the sixteen-meter fall was survived by all of them thanks to the uneven ground and a pile of manure on the street. The victims finally found refuge with Countess Polyxena of Lobkowicz, who refused to extradite them.


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