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The hand of a thief

How a thief miraculously lost his hand
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On the front facade of the church of Saint James a black hand hangs on a chain which is known by all as „the hand of the thief“. The legend tells us of a thief who tried to steal from the valuable statue of the Virgin Mary in Pain which stood on the main altar adorned in precious jewels. When the thief attempted to reach for the jewels the Virgin Mary grasped the robber’s right hand and held it so tightly that he had to remain in the church until early morning.

It was then that the monks came upon him and realized the purpose of this miracle. They tried to release him by force so they could pass him on to court but no human power was strong enough to do so. The oldest monk decided that a headsman must come cut off the thief’s hand and so it happened. As soon as this punishment took place the Virgin released the robber’s hand and so it hangs till this day in front of the church to remind us of the miracle.


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