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The Devilish Feast in the Emauzy Monastery

How the Devil tried to tempt pious monks
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The monks in the Emauzy Monastery led such pious lives that the Devil once resolved to seek their destruction. He disguised himself as a young pantry boy and took up work in the monastery as the chef’s helper. He later secretly poisoned the chef and - because he was quite skillful in the monastery’s kitchen – was appointed as his replacement. With devilish malice he then set about cooking such tasty and lavish delicacies, and served the monks such excellent wine, that before long the monks became obsessed with leisure and extravagance.

The monastery was engaged in revelry day after day and the Devil’s scheme thrived. However, one midnight the abbot overheard voices coming from behind the kitchen wall and – curious who might be speaking with the chef so late at night – eavesdropped on two demons discussing the devilish scheme being carried out in the monastery. The abbot immediately cursed the chef who thereupon turned into a rooster and flew away. The Emauzy monks then did penance for going astray in the devilish scheme and were thereafter twice as pious.


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