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Blessed Electra

How a dead nun obeyed her mother superior
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In one of the alcoves in the Carmelite church at Hradčany rests the dead body of Blessed Electra. The nun has been sitting in a chair undisturbed for hundreds of years. The skin on her body is black. The legend tells that when sister Electra died she was put into a grave with other deceased nuns. Later, when they reopened her coffin they found her body intact even though three years had passed since the burial took place. In order to preserve the untouched body the sisters washed it in wine and scented herbs. But that lead to a terrible reaction which made the body blacken. The more they tried to preserve her the blacker the body

got. The nuns also attempted to sit Electra up in a chair but they were unable to bend her knees. They called upon their mother superior for help and she replied that the nuns should ask their blessed sister to be as obedient as she was during her life and to please bend her knees. And truly, upon their request the nun bent her knees. Still, the dead nun’s head remained inclined because her neck had been broken. So again the mother superior came to help and called on Electra to look up to Heaven just as she used to do when she was alive and sure enough Electra lifted her head and she has remained in that position till this day.

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