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Death in the Crypt of St. James

How the Chancellor met with a terrible death
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In the church of St. James stands a splendid memorial dedicated to Wenceslas Vratislas of Mitrovice, the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Bohemia. Taken for dead, the Earl was laid to rest in the family’s crypt and before long came to life again. He was able to overcome the lid of his coffin but the built-in crypt was beyond his strength. He tried to clamor and shout for help but

people beholden to superstition assumed the Earl’s ghost had yet to come to peace. And so the Chancellor suffered an especially cruel death, as was revealed many years later when the crypt was opened for the burial of another family member. The Earl’s coffin was broken apart and his skeleton lay there on the stone paving where he died for good - of hunger and exhaustion.


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