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The Crypt of the Desfours

The legend of the lords Desfour and their peculiar ways of interment
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An ancestor of the Desfours lords settled in Bohemia in the times following the Battle on the White Mountain. The family crypt lay in the church of Saint Salvator. As the legend goes all members of the Desfours dynasty had the sharpest of daggers plunged in to their chest before they were buried out of fear that they might not be entirely dead once they were placed into their coffins. A dagger was struck through the chest of anyone who had let out their last breath.

The origin of such a practice was linked to a sad incident when many years ago one of the lords had awoken in the cold of his tomb after being buried. He couldn't free himself from under the heavy lid and all the earth summoned upon the casket and thus he died an unhappy death of starvation which was later discovered when the tomb was reopened. It was from then on that all of the Desfours secured themselves to prevent them from dying such a horrible death.


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