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19. století

Jan Neruda

Prominent Czech poet and writer
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He was a leading member of the literary community and also made a living as a journalist and a columnist. He belonged to the “May school”, a literary group. Throughout his life he felt that he was not recognized as he deserved, a feeling reflected in his poetry, which is very skeptical and even tends to nihilism. It is also of first-class quality

and surpasses even his prose work, which is however much appreciated by readers, in particular his Tales of the Lesser Quarter.

Hřbitovní kvítí (Cemetery Flowers), 1857
Knihy veršů (Books of Verses), 1867
Písně kosmické (Cosmic Songs), 1878
Povídky malostranské (Tales of the Lesser Quarter), 1878
Zpěvy páteční (Friday Songs), 1896


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