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Alois Jirasek

Prose writer and playwright
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Alois Jirasek was a famous Czech writer of primarily historical novels, and a Realist author. He was of peasant descent and this is why the Peasant’s Revolts later became one of his primary literary interests. He studied history at the Charles University and then worked as a high-school teacher. From 1888 he lived in Prague in the Resslova street, becoming fully involved in his pedagogic, and especially literary, activities. His most significant friends include Mikolas Ales and Zikmund Winter. He also maintained many relationships among the younger generation of the so-called Lumir group. The range

of Jirasek’s writing activity is huge. He wrote historical novels about a mythical time (Old Czech Legends), the Hussite period (Between the Currents, Against All the World, Brotherhood), the recatholization (Darkness) and even the Czech National Revival in the 18th century (F. L. Vek). He also wrote theatre plays. Alois Jirasek was a great patriot, but his work, which soon became an integral part of popular tradition, didn’t much benefit the factual historical image of some significant personalities. Many essential historical inaccuracies were enrooted in people’s minds through his work.


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