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Building u Dvou Slunců

House where writer Jan Neruda lived
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This house, as with most of the houses in Nerudova Street, bears its name on an insignia, a couple of Golden Suns, situated above the portal gate. An early Baroque facade from the end of the 17th century conceals and older Renaissance structure. A popular pub named after the building, "u Dvou Slunců" (Two Suns), used to be inside. The most renowned tenant of the house was the writer Jan Neruda, whose

memory is kept alive on the bronze plaque on the facade. The writer lived here between 1845 and 1857. His still popular book entitled "Povídky Malostranské" (Lesser Town Stories), wonderfully expresses the traditional atmosphere of the Lesser Town and the fates of its inhabitants.
In the seventies, the pub "u Dvou Slunců" was a popular meeting place of the cultural underground community in Prague.

GPS: 50° 5′ 18.31″ N, 14° 23′ 51.61″ E

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Ulice Nerudova 47 Město Praha 1


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