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Egon Erwin Kisch

Jewish German writer
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He was a Jewish German writer and journalist, born in Prague.
He was known under the nickname “the ardent journalist”, which he earned because of his constant endeavor to be the first one everywhere.
He was born into a wealthy Jewish orthodox family in Prague in the House At the Two Golden Bears. Kisch was very cosmopolitan, traveling the world and visiting people from all social circles. He was also a very versatile person (he made the pilgrimage to Mecca disguised as a Muslim, he worked as a scuba diver, a clown, etc.). He studied German studies and journalism and was a member of the Young

Communists, which wasn’t anything unusual for the youth of his time (before and during the First World War). He collaborated with J. Hasek and contributed to the theatrical avant-garde. In 1922 he moved to Berlin, where he returned a second time after his adventure in Spain during the civil war, but had to flee the city in 1939 because of the Nazi threat. He emigrated to the USA and then lived in Mexico. In 1946 he returned to Prague and died soon after.

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