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Josef Václav Myslbek

the most well-known Czech sculptor from the turn of 19th to the 20th centuries
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Josef Václav Myslbek was indeed one of the most well-known Czech sculptors at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries. He not only established, but also inspired a new era of Czech sculpting and his œuvre may be classified as monumental realism. He was well-known as a great critic of his own work and usually kept reworking his projects until he was completely satisfied. Strongly influenced by the famous Czech painer Josef Mánes, he created classical types out of Czech fairy tale heroes, as well as Czech historical personalities. Among

Myslbek’s greatest creations is the monumental statue of St. Wenceslas on horseback which adorns Prague’s Wenceslas Square. He worked on this for more than thirty years. His other well-known works include the Karel Hynek Mácha statue on Petřín Hill and the sculpture depicting “Acting” and “Singing” on the façade of the National Theather. His creations in the Cathedral of St. Vitus include the tombstone of Cardinal Friedrich, the Prince of Schwarzenberg. This work was awarded a gold medal at the World’s Exhibition in Paris.


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