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17. století

Jan Jiří Bendl

A renowned Bohemian early-Baroque sculptor
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Jan Jiří Bendl is one of the most significant Bohemian early-Baroque sculptors, who worked particularly in Prague. His important masterpieces were the statues on the Mariánský Pillar on the Old Town Square. This pillar was removed on November 6th 1918, when an excited mob of people thought they were getting rid of the remnants of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. However, the Mariánský Pillar had been created to honor the Virgin Mary. It was used as a praying spot by ordinary people, craftmen and students of the Charles University when they were defending the Prague's Old Town from the Charles Bridge on which the

highly trained and well-armed Swedes had a foothold in the year of 1648. The remnants of the pillar are now stored in the "Lapidárium" (Stone Collection) of the Capital City Prague. There is an association in Prague whose aim is the restoration of the Mariánský Pillar.
Other important works of art by Jan Jiří Bendl are the statues of the apostles in the church of St. Salvatore, which are made of wood. The stone sculptures on the façade of the temple are also from the Bendl's workshop. In addition, among his other work are the Hercules' Fountain and the statue of St. Sebastian in the Temple of St. Spirit.


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