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19. - 20. století

František Bílek

Sculptor and Mystic
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František Bílek was a famous Czech sculptor, architect, graphic designer and symbolist. He was also known as a religious thinker, as well as a mystic, who, in his works often used to combine the Oriental religion mystical unity with Christianity. In the beginnings of his creative work, his subject matter was usually the feeling of desperation resulting from the guilt of man; gradually however, the hope, faith and redemption began to predominate. At first the sculptures were rather bent down, later they

started to look up with moving gestures. His classic statue is a Moses at Josefov, it is easily accessible being situated in the center of the town. He created sculptures of the classic family, but biblical characters as well. He was also taken by the characters of Bohemian historical great minds such as Jan Žižka, Jan Hus, Jan Roháč of Dubá, and many others. There is a museum in the unique Bílek's Villa, also an altar with crucifix and a church bench in the church of St. Wenceslas at Zderaza (1930).


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