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Maltézské Square

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Pearl of the Lesser Town
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A picturesque little square in the heart of Lesser Town dominated by two towers belonging to the church of the Virgin Mary under the Chain. The square itself was created after the originally enclosed land of the Johannites adjacent to the mentioned church was divided. Opposite the facade of the Maltese church stands a group sculpture of the patron of the Order of the Maltese Knights of St. John Baptist made of sandstone by Ferdinand Maxmilián Brokof in 1715. The standing

saint with a flag in his hand and with a lamb at his legs is accompanying statues of angels with words in Latin, Czech and German languages saying "Among the Sons of Females Was Found No Superior One to St. John Baptist". The angel's face with the cartouch featuring the Czech sign is considered the crypto-portrait of the sculptor named Ferdinand Maxmilián Brokof. Also, There is also a palace on the square where world-renowned music composer Ludwig von Beethoven lived.

GPS: 50° 5′ 11.71″ N, 14° 24′ 20.52″ E

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Ulice Maltézské náměstí Město Praha 1


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