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11. století

The Order of Maltese Knights

Origins of the Knights of Malta
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The order of the knights was formed in the 11th century on the territory of the Jerusalem Kingdom and later expanded throughout the entire Europe.
The original name of the order was The Order of the Johannites. In 1113, the order was confirmed by Papal Charter and then started its activities in the Holy Land where the seat of the order was situated as well.
During the 12th century, the order expanded into Germany and transformed into a military ecclesiastic society. After conquering Jerusalem, the order relocated to Achaea,

then to Cyprus, and in 1309 to Rhodes. The order did well in battle against Ottoman Turks, to such an extent that in 1522, the Sultan Suleiman tried to take the headquarters of the order on Rhodes. Then, thanks to Charles the Fifth, the order relocated in Malta, where from it acquired its name. They became famous in Malta by their successful battles against the Turkish pirates.
At the end of the 18th century, the order lost its significance.
The heraldic insignia of the order features a white octagonal cross in a red field.


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