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Building u Dvou Zlatých Medvídků

Birthplace house of E. E. Kisch, the "Ferocious Reporter"
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A spacious Renaissance building named "U Dvou Zlatých Medvídků" (Two Golden Teddy Bears) built between 1559 and 1567 in place of two older Gothic houses. According to a legend, secret tunnels led all the way to the Lesser Town City Hall and Týnský church from the basement

of the building. There is a unique Renaissance portal gate after which the house takes its name built between 1570 and 1580. In 1885 the writer and news reporter Egon Ervín Kisch was born there, his parents owned the house with a fabrics ground-floor shop.

GPS: 50° 5′ 10.14″ N, 14° 25′ 15.47″ E

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Ulice Kožná 1 Město Praha 1


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