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An autonomous municipality from the 19th century
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Vinohrady has been a municipal quarter of Prague since 1922. Before it was a standalone town, which was the fourth largest in Czechoslovakia.
In 1788, Vinohrady became an independent administrative unit. In the 19th century, Vinohrady underwent tremendous development, to which centralistic Vienna reacted immediately. Vienna then refused to join up the neighbouring borough to the continuously growing Prague. Instead the Habsburg Government formed the so-called royal towns, which were supposed to somewhat reduce Prague significance. In 1879 Vinohrady was promoted royal town as decided by Vienna, hence the name Royal Vinohrady.
After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian

Empire, all royal towns were abolished and Vinohrady finally became a part of Prague in 1922 while still holding its name of Royal Vinohrady.
To the great displeasure of the local inhabitants, in 1968 the Communist City Council removed the ideologically inadequate nobility mark of "Royal" from its name.
Today, Vinohrady is a luxurious apartment location.
From the middle of the 19th century, apartment buildings were put up for the middle classes from the National Museum upwards. Vinohrady developped particularly from the eighties of the 19th century to the twenties of the 20th century. After that, the development continued further to the east, to Ohrada and Malešice.


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