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The iron man in Platnéřská street

The story of an iron man whose curse couldn’t be broken
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A statue of a knight in armor stands in one of the houses on Platnéřská street. He is called the iron man and this is his story. Long ago a young knight killed his lover who lived in the house and was cursed by her to be transfigured into an iron man after his death. Only a virgin with a pure soul would be able to free him of his curse once every one hundred years at a given hour. The knight truly turned into an iron man following his death and was put on display in front of the house by the parents of the murdered girl. The knight stood there in despair for many hundred years until a widow moved into the house with her beautiful young daughter. It was right at the time when another hundred years were to go by. One day the virgin stood alone in her kitchen when suddenly

the knight from the facade appeared in front of her. The girl was quite alarmed but was reassured by the knight that he means no harm and that she could help him gain back his freedom. The girl promised to help him and was reminded by the knight not to speak of their intention to anyone. The young lady didn’t keep her secret for long and revealed her plan to her mother one evening. The widow had no wish for her daughter to be entangled with any house ghost and so shut her up in her chamber the next day and decided to meet with the knight’s spirit herself. When the clock stroke midnight the iron man entered the kitchen and as soon as he saw the mother he moaned in desperation: “Another hundred years!” and disappeared. Thus the curse remains to be unbroken.

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