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The ghost of a monk at Emauzy

The legend of the greedy monk who appears in the Emauzy monastery
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There once lived a monk in the Emauzy monastery and so greedy he was that he didn’t hesitate to close a very despicable deal with one Jewish merchant. He accepted a bribe in exchange for a holy wafer with which the Jew intended to conduct mean intricacies and evil spells on Christians. The exchange took place on the old wooden staircase of the Emauzy monastery which is covered by a roof and is surrounded by wooden planks making it a rather dark place even on a bright day. It was there that the greedy monk viciously enriched himself in the dimness of the old staircase.
The Jew was incautious wince exercising his spells and rituals, he was soon discovered and being under pressure

he revealed the name of his accomplice. Their punishment was merciless and quick. The Jew was quartisected and later burned in a bonfire and the greedy monk was decapitated above the stairs in the cloister courtyard.
The following day the ghost of the greedy monk appeared on the staircase holding his slaughtered head under one arm and the pouch he had received from the Jew in the other one. He sighs day and night hoping to be freed from his spell which only a newly ordained priest can provide by offering him a holy wafer in exchange for the pouch. No priest so far has resolved to do so, and so the monk continues to roam the staircase sighing terribly until this day.


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