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An execution in the cellar

How a doorkeeper harassed innocent scholars and faced his fate in the cellar
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A house known by the name “the old dorm” stands across from the Saint Nicolas cathedral. It used to be a college dormitory for bachelors, masters, and pupils of the Prague University. The dormitory was run under strict rules and none of the pupils were allowed to be out after dark or else they were reported by the doorkeeper. One of the doormen was a truly grumpy fellow and brought about difficulties to many of the students, some resolving in exclusion from the dormitory. The students came up with a malicious plan to punish the unfavorable doorman. Under the false pretence of a robbery they lured the doorman into the cellar where to his amazement he was awaited by the entire student body. They stood in a circle surrounding a block with an axe in the middle and a headsman in his habit next to it. The doorman fell

down in fright and was quickly tied up by some of the students. His verdict was read to him in which he was sentenced to death for harassing the students that lived in the dorm. He beseeched them for mercy in vain. His eyes were tied up and he was to kneel in front of the block. The doorman had no idea that two of the students came up behind him instead of the headman and wanted to touch his neck with a white cloth instead of the executioner‘s axe. The doorman was so terrified that his heart stopped beating and he collapsed to the ground as if he was truly beheaded. The pleasantry became a sad truth. The doorman died without any absolution of sin and thus his spirit continues to roam in the dormitory with its head partly cut. His soul will never rest in peace unless someone beheads the doorman for good.

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