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History of the Baracnicka Rychta

A restaurant in the Lesser Quarter with a preserved dancing and concert hall
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How was the Baracnicka Rychta founded?
The patriotic association Baracnici was established in 1874 and soon became popular among the common people, as the antithesis to various citizens’ get-togethers and Ladies’ circles of that time. Some documents brought the evidence that a similar Baracnici association was founded in 1880 in the district of Praha-Dejvice, and later in Hradcany, Bubenec and in 1885

in the Old Town. The association successfully spread to the rest of the Czech lands, as well as to Vienna and the USA. The association’s main purpose was to revive old traditions, customs and rites. Famous revived customs are the traditionally organized balls in folk costumes linked to the dancing Ceska Beseda (Czech get-together), the welcoming of spring, the putting up and felling of maypoles, etc.


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