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Major Beer halls in Prague

Retracing the steps of the glorious past of renowned Prague Beer halls
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This tour includes our selection of Prague’s best traditional pubs. You can visit them within a day and delight in the amazing atmosphere of the old Prague. But since there are quite a few stops during the tour, you might want to spread it over several days. If you aren’t used to drinking too much, we recommend that you taste only one

small beer in each pub, or that you include long breaks between each stop. If you don’t book a table in advance, you might not be able to sit in all the pubs, but as the Czech saying goes: even taking a beer at the counter, enjoying the atmosphere for a bit before leaving is worth it! The best of Prague traditional pubs in one day!



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0.0km / 4.139km 1. U Fleků

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Where else should we start than in the Prague brewery u Fleků, which can pride itself for having the longest uninterrupted tradition

of brewing beer in Prague. Taste an excellent medium-dark beer and admire the old oak barrels where the beer is maturing.

0.621km / 4.139km 2. U Jelínků

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You might get a mild shock from this news, but U Jelínků is a typical example of what Prague pubs used to be and still are. Unlike with U Fleků, tourists don’t

often wander to these parts so our concise dictionary might come in handy here. The fresh Pilsner lager and local regulars form an inseparable combination.

0.964km / 4.139km 3. U Medvídků

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Another gem, this time the quite well concealed brewery of the restaurant u Medvídků in the Romanesque house Budvar. The place is typical

for its succulent lager that matures in oak barrels and for its peaceful atmosphere. The service shouldn’t disappoint you either!

1.232km / 4.139km 4. U Dvou Koček

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Practically around the corner you’ll find the old Prague restaurant U Dvou Koček. It isn’t a brewery but one of the best preserved restaurants in Prague. You can enjoy a first-class

Pilsner lager beneath a Gothic vault and succumb to the Genius Loci: centuries and political regimes have come and gone but the place has wonderfully remained the same.

1.655km / 4.139km 5. U Zlatého Tygra

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This splendid pub with its old house emblem offers a delicious Pilsner beer and has a long history of welcoming famous personalities such as for instance Bohumil Hrabal.

The playwright and former Czech president Vaclav Havel also came here quite often, and even the former American president Bill Clinton played the saxophone in this pub.

3.713km / 4.139km 6. U Černého Vola

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This old beer hall with its Baroque blind windows is one of the oldest preserved original beer halls in Prague. Don’t forget to have a look at the windows before you enter, later it might be too late. There is no kitchen in the U Vola pub, but still you can order an excellent marinated cheese dish for instance.

Apart from the beer and the site, you might also be pleased to know that the pub’s profits are given to the adjacent institute for blind children. Out of interest for your health we would however recommend that you don’t overdo it with charity and drinks. You’ll still have to climb up a bit after this stop.

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