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About the brewery U Fleků

The oldest microbrewery in Prague with an uninterrupted tradition of beer brewing
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The restaurant and brewery U Fleků needs no special introduction. Anyone who has walked down Kremencova street has lasting memories of the richly decorated clock on the brewery’s façade, which serves as an invitation to one of the many barrooms located within the building. And all those who have accepted the invitation have most probably lasting memories of the smooth and unique taste of a U Fleků 13 degree lager. Today, the

beer is still brewed according to traditional recipes, though in modernly equipped facilities, with the same care as in the times of our great-grandfathers. The brewery U Fleků is celebrating its 500-year anniversary since its foundation in 1499. The atmosphere of the old-fashioned building is emphasized by the decoration and period furnishing of each barroom and hall. In the summer a large beer garden is also accessible.


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