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19. - 20. století

Josef Gocar

Prominent architect, urbanist and furniture designer
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He was one of the best and most productive architects of the 20th century. His projects were mainly carried out in Prague and in Hradec Kralove in eastern Bohemia. He also focused on architecture as a theoretician, publishing numerous specialized articles. Although he lived in a climate influenced by early Viennese Secession (a form of Art Nouveau), he quickly joined the most progressive trend of European modernism, which explored the possibilities of concrete and ferroconcrete skeleton

structures. Among Gocar’s greatest pieces in the center of Prague we should mention the House at the Black Madonna (dům U Černé Matky Boží), built in 1912. The building represents one of the most successful ingression of modern architecture in a historic environment. In the 20’s he developed a refined classicizing version of Purism and Functionalism. Gocar’s late Viennese Secession and Cubist furniture can be admired in the collections of the Applied Arts Museum in Prague.


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