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Franz Kafka Monument

Work of Jaroslav Róna
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The Franz Kafka Monument is located in the area where the Dušní Street and the Vězeňská Street connect, between the Spanish Synagogue and the church of St. Spirit. It is a symbolic place because the Kafka family lived at Dušní Street No. 27. The statue is within the spiritual zone of three Churches – Jewish, Catholic and Protestant. Franz Kafka practically lived his entire short life in this sad (in those days) yet romantic part of the old Prague. The monument

was inspired by an important short story written by Kafka called "Popis Jednoho Zápasu" (Description of a Match). The "split" design of the statue refers back to the spiritual split of the writer mentioned in the novel. The novel describes a situation in which a character defeats his opponent who is supposedly dominant. The important part of the novel takes place at the Vltava River waterfront. The statue is 375 centimeters tall and weighs 800 kilograms.

GPS: 50° 5′ 24.38″ N, 14° 25′ 14.44″ E

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