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Basic information about wine

Basic information about Moravian and Bohemian wine
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Until recently, the Czech Republic was mostly renowned for its quality beer. After the fall of communism this one-sided viewpoint rapidly changed. Today, wine culture has many admirers in the Czech Republic but its fame is also crossing borders. Vines have been cultivated for a very long time on the Czech territory. The first preserved mention of viniculture dates back to the Roman Empire era to the year 91 AC. Wine in the Czech Republic originates from two wine-countries: the Moravian wine-country (95% of vineyards) and the Bohemian wine-country (5% of vineyards). Moravian and Bohemian wines are sought-after by wine

experts for their originality, their typical fruity flavor and their interesting spiciness coming from ripe, although not over-ripe, vines. White wines are more common, but lately some excellent red wines have appeared. The soil in the Moravian and the Bohemian wine-countries is very varied and contributes to the richness and the diversity of the wines. Vineyards used to be and often still are centralized in the best regions at low altitudes and in Bohemia they tend to be in river basins. Numerous types of vines are cultivated in the Czech Republic, which enables everyone to find the wine that suits them best.


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