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What is Czech cuisine?

About traditional Czech cuisine
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Traditional Czech cuisine, despite its quality and diversity, is not considered to be very healthy. However, a little sinning for the sake of this gastronomical experience is surely worth it, moreover Czech cuisine is quickly changing under the influence of other culinary trends. From a historical point of view, Czech cuisine was influenced by the cuisine of the Austrian Empire and of Hungary. Generally, Czech cuisine includes starters, which usually consist of soups: meat and vegetable broths, cabbage soups, mushroom soups, etc. The main dish often consists of meat and sauces, which are a Czech specialty. Czech cuisine cannot do without bread,

potato or bacon dumplings. Czech dumplings are a large cooked loaf, usually composed of white flour, eggs, milk and white bread, which is cut in slices placed on a plate with the sauce. Another favorite side-dish is white and red cabbage. An important component of the Czech diet are potatoes, whether cooked, baked or in the form of potato pancakes. Popular salads include the sopsky salad (tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, onions and feta cheese), tomato salad, cabbage salad and cucumber salad. Among typical pastries, apple strudel, rakvicka (coffin-shaped cookie topped with whipped cream) and various types of tarts and fruit cakes are popular.


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