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The Treasure at the House of the Sixts

How the ghost of the White Lady made a pub owner a rich man
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In Celetna Street in the house of the Sixts there worked a landlord in a tavern who was reckoned by a number of hardships. He was a great admirer of Saint John of Nepomuk and prayed to him dearly hoping for help to relieve him from his misery and to grant him a better life. The ghost of the White Lady appeared to him one dark night and beckoned him to follow her. She led him into a deep cellar where she marked a sign on the floor and then disappeared. The pub owner began

digging in the place of the sign and soon discovered a treasure chest filled to the top with golden and silver coins. He later sold them at great value He never forgot the true origin of his wealth. One third of his fortune was used to erect a statue of St. John of Nepomuk, the second third was given to the poor and he kept the third part which was enough to turn him into a rich man. Acquired wealth doesn’t necessarily have to spoil one’s character or gratitude.


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