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9. - 14. století

The Přemyslid

A powerful European ruling dynasty
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The Přemyslid was the only original Bohemian ruling dynasty. It also ruled in Hungary and Poland, and it belonged to one of the most powerful European dynasties.
According to a legend, The Přemyslid originated from the line of fabled royals beginning with Přemysl Oráč and Princess Libuše. A source of this legend was the legendary Kosma's Chronicle. The first historically documented prince was Bořivoj the First, who ruled in the second half of the 9th century, and during whose reign Christianity was accepted directly by the royal family. Alternative theories exist about the origin of the Přemyslid, one of which suggests that Bořivoj was a son of the Great Moravian Rastislav; however, such theory is still being questioned.
The Přemyslid ruled for a long 434 years. Over 30 members of the dynasty sat on the throne, including 7 kings (2 were nominated and 5 were hereditary). In the 10th century, the Přemyslid defeated the competing dynasty of

Slavník; nevertheless, this theory is being questioned today as well. In the 11th century, they took control of Moravia too. In 1212, the dynasty inherited the Royal Title and a famous journey began for the family throughout the entire Europe. During the 13th century, the Přemyslid reached the pinnacle of their reign, which was also supported by a large income coming from the silver mines in Kutná Hora. Under the reign of Přemysl Otakar the Second and Wenceslas the Second the Přemyslid State became one of the most powerful in Europe, obtaining the Roman King crown, for a short period the crown of Poland (from 1300 to 1306), and the Hungarian one as well (from 1301 to 1305). The spear-hand of the dynasty died through the murder of Wenceslas the Third in Olomouc in 1306. The dynasty however continued on the distaff side and connected with many important European families through marriage (with the dynasty of Luxembourg in particular).


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