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Vratislas I

The third Duke of Bohemia of the Premyslid dynasty
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Vratislas I was the third Duke of the Premyslid dynasty.
He was the son of the Duke Borivoj and of the later canonized Duchess Ludmila. Vratislas was quite a forceful ruler and he was the first to launch an expansion beyond the borders of the principality towards Moravia. Pressure from the Hungarians grew stronger during his rule, which was thus mainly spent fighting against them.

Vratislas also instigated the building of monuments – he founded the St George Basilica in the Prague Castle.
According the Chronicle, Vratislas died in 921 in Moravia in battle against the Hungarians.
Some conjecture that Vratislas had a daughter, Strezislava, who married Slavnik, thus creating a link between the Premyslid dynasty and its later rival the Slavnik dynasty.


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